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15% discount for Greetings Today readers for TapePal’s reinvented dispenser

STICKY tape is an integral part of the greetings and gifts industry with innumerable reels of the stuff a staple add-on sale in retailers – but it’s also very frustrating to use.

And that’s where tape dispensers come in to play though, until now, the choice has really been between the big heavy desk resource that works well but is ugly and impossible to use on the move, or the small plastic throwaway variety that often ends up with blunt teeth and in the bin as the rolls can’t be changed.
Consumers today have increasingly high standards – they expect products that are faster, smaller, more portable and more economical than ever before, and also want to reduce their impact on the environment, by actively looking to reduce waste and single-use plastic.
Frustrated by these issues, entrepreneur and inventor Karl Hurrell has created TapePal from conceptual CAD drawing to trademarked product using 90 per cent less plastic than 25mm-wide desktop dispensers, and utilising spring-based technology to keep the tape taut and ensure a smooth delivery, the end of the tape is never lost.
The stainless steel teeth remain sharp, easily cutting the tape but with a smart design to ensure it won’t cut the user or anything else.
Made in the UK, this lightweight tape dispenser should last forever as it’s simple to replace the tape with any standard 25mm roll due to its removable side plate. Available in three colours TapePal is ready to display in space-saving, hangable blister-packs, with a single dispenser retailing at £4.99.
Karl said: “Having sold 10,000 units in a short amount of time, consumers appear to like TapePal!”
And to introduce the product to Greetings Today readers, there’s a 15 per cent discount on your first order if you use the code GT2019 on a minimum of one box of 24 TapePals, with free delivery on three or more boxes. The offer ends on June 30, 2019.

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