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Trees need hugs too

Campaigners write Valentine’s cards to save their favourite ones from the chop


ROSES are red, violets are blue, campaigners say trees need hugs too – and they proved it by writing Valentine’s cards to their favourite ones.

Save Our Square protestors gathered by the avenue of lime trees in Walthamstow, East London, on Saturday, February 16, to share their love for nature in the borough by writing and attaching cards to the 81 mature trees, reported the East London & West Essex Guardian.
They are working to prevent a development in the town centre and the loss of public open space, and group chairman Nancy Taaffe told the newspaperpaper: "Valentine’s Day is universally known as the occasion for men and women to declare love for another, but this year Save Our Square campaigners decided it was time to show some love for our trees too.
“They gathered by the avenue of lime trees threatened with destruction, to ask shoppers to show support for the long-running campaign to stop private developers invading our town centre and cutting down 81 mature trees.
“They provided cards, so people could write their own Valentine message to our trees, or make their own card, that were then hung around the trees in a marvellous display.”

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