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3 trees for Hallmark

Publishers hit top bracket on WWF’s final sustainability Timber Scorecard


HALLMARK have been recognised for responsible sourcing of paper products with the highest 3 Trees rating in the WWF-UK’s latest Timber Scorecard.

In the third and final scorecard tracking the market’s progress towards sustainability by 2020, Hallmark have improved to climb into the top bracket among the 122 companies reviewed.
WWF-UK checked how they perform against commitments to source timber and paper products sustainably, and prove they give priority to using FSC and recycled materials in line with the requirements of The European Union Timber Regulations.
The 3 Trees accolade underlines Hallmark’s ongoing commitment to finding responsible and sustainable ways to reduce their impact on the environment.
It recognises Hallmark for setting up policies and control systems, reporting openly and accurately about their performance against their policy commitments and being knowledgeable about the source of all their timber and timber products.
With the company sourcing at least 70 per cent of material from certified and/or recycled sources, they are demonstrating it is possible to act responsibly when it comes to forest trade.
The WWF believe transparent supply chains are an integral feature of a responsible company, and have awarded points to companies not just for procuring a high proportion of products from sustainable sources, but also for making information regarding their sourcing practices publicly available.
The brands included in the 2019 Scorecard represent the public face
of an industry and provide an insight into how a particular sector is performing.
Amanda Del Prete, Hallmark UK’s Managing Director, said: “Social responsibility is high on our agenda, with all our paper and board coming from sustainable sources.
“We are proud to hold FSC certification and we choose FSC-certified materials wherever possible but, as a minimum, we will always ensure that all our materials come from responsible sources and are fully compliant to EU timber regulations.
“Being recognised for this by the WWF affirms we are doing the right things with our sustainability practices.”
This award comes hot on the heels of Hallmark launching their CupCycled cards collection made from a combination of disposable coffee cups and responsibly-sourced FSC-certified paper.
Keeping social responsibility at the heart of how the company behaves has always been integral to the business and, with this in mind, they are phasing out the use of cello wrap on their cards where extra protection isn’t required and Hallmark will continue to review sustainable solutions across the industry on an ongoing basis.
The full Timber Scorecard 2019 is available here and shows the performance of other publishers such as IG Desigh Group, Great British Card Company and UK Greetings, as well as greetings retailers including Paperchase, Card Factory, Clintons, Waterstones, and WHSmith.
The report states: “Performing to mixed results across all scoring metrics, the Retail and Paper, Printing & Publishing industries demonstrated clear progress but further improvement is still needed.
“The fact that more than half of the organisations in both these industries have achieved at least a 2 Tree rating clearly demonstrates the potential for the whole sector to be performing better. Not doing so after years of progression by peers within their industry may point to a lack of commitment to responsible sourcing by lower performing companies.
“It has been four years since the publication of our first Timber Scorecard so it is important to gauge which organisations and sectors have stepped up to fight deforestation and which have not, and what conclusions can be drawn from this.
“Through the production of each report, each company was introduced to the Scorecard, offered a preliminary score from an initial assessment and encouraged to update any relevant information before a final assessment was carried out.”
The 2019 Timber Scorecard – the last in a three-part series – aims to stimulate further transparency, inform consumers and support national and international commitments to the procurement of sustainably sourced timber products. It follows scorecards in 2015 and 2017 tracking the market’s progress towards sustainability by 2020.
Having established a baseline for commitments by UK timber product buyers in the 2015 Timber Scorecard, the 2017 publication focused primarily on how these buyers had progressed in line with their sustainable procurement commitments, and the final 2019 report again assesses their progress.

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