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Card call to help Rhys

Heartbreak of mum whose ill 13-year-old son has had ‘enough of life’

MUM Tanya Williams wants her lad Rhys to be inundated with birthday cards when he turns 14 in a couple of weeks to show him how much he is loved.

The Manchester Evening News reported that the youngster, from Bolton, has the rare life-limiting and agonising skin condition epidermolysis bullosa which results in painful skin blisters, sores and has caused his fingers to fuse together.
Although he has defied the odds to reach his teenage years, he is now confined to a wheelchair and has told his mum he wishes “a butterfly would come and take me away” and his devastated mum is desperate to show young Rhys he has something to fight for.
Tanya told the newspaper: “The last few months, he's had enough of life. He's had enough of being in pain with the sores. He just wants to give up, he doesn't want to fight anymore. What do you do as a mum?”
Remembering Rhys’ joy when the family collected Christmas cards from local residents to decorate the house and cheer him up, Tanya is now asking for cards to be sent for his birthday on September 21 in the hopes of showing him people care.
“He came home from school,” Tanya added, “and he would see these Christmas cards. "Every single card he received, he opened them with so much joy.
“He got hundreds at a time. It showed him that he still needs to fight, that there's people out there who do care and do love him. Hopefully it can make him see that not everything is bad.
“He's such a happy boy most of the time but recently it's a struggle to try and get through to him. I don't think he can fight much longer, his life depends on this.
“Rhys' life revolves around school, Xbox, sleep, repeat. He doesn't want to go shopping because he doesn't like the way people look at him.
I don't want him to be in pain anymore but I still want him to be here.”
Cards can be sent to Rhys at 40 Whalley Avenue, Bolton, BL1 5UD.

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