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Christmas comes early

Selfridges kick off 2019 retail festive season with cards in range launch

SELFRIDGES have claimed the honour of kicking off the Christmas 2019 season with the opening of their festive show 149 days before the celebrations.

Buyer Eleanor Gregory was on hand with Santa Claus himself at the luxury London department store last Monday, July 29, when they became the first retailers this year to start selling their Christmas merchandise.
“Our first phase launch is over 600 products,” Eleanor said, “ranging from everything from decorations to cards. Then we go into our second phase launch which is in September when we really grow the range and grow to 3,500 Christmas options.
“The theme this year is Future Fantasy and it’s all about the reimagining of traditional fairy tales but in a futuristic way so it plays on that tie and connection between old and new. It’s been so much fun to work with that theme and really push it as far as we can.”
And Father Christmas has undergone a sleek makeover, losing his red robes to be clad in shimmering silver and white, with a second theme running alongside called Santa’s Day Off where they imagine what he’d be doing when not delivering presents.
The department store said the continuing success of the summer launch of their Christmas shop boosts year-on-year sales, driven by both British early festive shoppers and souvenir-hunting overseas customers keen on bringing back home mementos.
Eleanor added: “We’ve been opening the doors to our Christmas shop during the summer for many years and our customers consider Selfridges a real destination for fans of Christmas and festive decorations within and outside the UK.
“Some customers return to us year after year, excited at the prospect of discovering the new ranges and adding to their collections.”

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