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Danilo’s Top 10

Liverpool FC top Danilo’s calendars for 2020

Danilo have released their list of Top 10 calendars for 2020 with Liverpool FC topping the chart. After reaching No.1 in the sports calendar chart last year, the team’s official licensed calendar has now made the leap across to the main chart.

A number of brand new entrants from television and film have made the list, along with popular Korean boy band, BTS. Sir Cliff Richard proves he is as popular as ever, having appeared in the chart for more than 30 years.


The Top 10 are:

1.     Liverpool Football Club

2.     Stranger Things (NEW entry)

3.     BTS (NEW entry)

4.     Friends

5.     Frozen 2 (NEW entry)

6.     Manchester United Football Club

7.     Harry Potter

8.     Cliff Richard

9.     Peaky Blinders (NEW entry)

10.  Little Mix


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