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Disappearing Manners

Research suggests that people are less mannered than they were 10 years ago

RESEARCH undertaken by online print company instantprint reveals that 89% of the 1522 survey participants think that people are less mannered than they were a decade ago.
Wales Online reports that the top five annoyances were queue-pushers (61%), people not saying please and thank you (56%), people not covering their mouths when sneezing or coughing (52%), talking with your mouthful (52%) and not saying sorry (51%).
Bad behaviour isn’t the only thing irritating people though, it seems etiquette such as sending birthday cards is also on the decline with some generations using other methods to mark occasions. Of the respondents, 67% admitted to posting well wishes on social media or sending personalised memes to recognise events or milestones. A higher proportion of younger people opt to use a social media with 26% of those aged 16-44 sending a picture collage compared to 8% of those aged over 45.
“The results clearly show that the ways different generations approach politeness is changing,” says Jon Constantine-Smith, Head of instantprint. “While Millennials and Generation Z are expressing good manners online, sending greetings on social media, our data shows baby boomers are still resorting to more traditional ways to send their wishes.”

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