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Full Colour Black Speaks Out

Full Colour Black give their side of the story about dispute with Banksy

Full Colour Black have released a statement in response to comments made in the media by artist Banksy and his representatives about an ongoing legal dispute. Refuting the depiction of the business as a corporate entity that was attempting to take custody of Banksy’s name, they said they are small business with only three staff that legally photograph’s public graffiti to make available to the general public.

The statement on Facebook said, “We make cards because Banksy never makes anything available to his fans. We all love his graffiti. He doesn’t want you to have it and he’s hoping to trick you into thinking that we’re hurting his business. We’re not. We don’t infringe his rights in any way. We don’t use his trademarks or his brand name. We make cards that feature Banksy’s Public Graffiti. It’s a legitimate enterprise.”

Banksy has claimed that after legal advice, he has opened a homewares store in Croydon to avoid his trademark being used under EU law. The store called Gross Domestic Product has a range of “impractical and offensive” merchandise that can be purchased online.

The legal dispute is ongoing with Full Colour Black stating, “We’ve written to Banksy, his team and his lawyers many times since 2010 to say that we want to pay royalties to him. He doesn’t want it.”

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