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Plastic fantastic idea

Gifted’s refill station takes naked cards concept to the max

WITH naked cards a hot topic, one greetings and gift shop have taken the concept to the max in the fight against single-use plastics.

At Gifted, in Thaxted, Essex, they now offer a refill service for customers wanting to buy washing up liquid, shampoo, and soaps using containers they’ve brought from home, or the reusuable glass bottles available to buy in store.
And Gifted’s Kathy Starr, who also runs Dilly & Pink publishers from the store which specialises in fairtrade and handmade goods, said: “We’ve had a fantastic response already with customers spreading the word on social media and visiting regularly to fill up.
“There is clearly a need and desire for this type of service. I think particularly since David Attenborough and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have raised the urgency of environmental concerns people are taking action by making these kinds of choices.
“We now have a full range of household products, hair care, body care available for refilling.
“We’re on a learning curve here at Gifted with our Refill station. We’ve learned there are lots of different criteria for people wishing to make an informed eco-friendly choice.
“For some banishing single-use plastic is top of the list, for others non-toxic products is key and for some specific ingredients raise a red flag. To that end I have started to compile a spreadsheet detailing all our refill products and their eco credentials. We are not chemists or experts, but to the best of our knowledge this info, gathered from the manufacturers, is true.’
The 20litre bottles in which the goods are delivered to the store are also made from recycled plastic and are recyclable so Gifted are offering them free to people who can make use of them.
Kathy added: “At the moment it’s not viable for us to return them to be refilled – the suppliers do refill stockists who are on their own electric van delivery route but we’re not at the moment.
“We can also courier them back and they will be recycled, however, ours have already been made into a wormery and water containers so repurposing seems like a good option. As refilling becomes more popular I’m sure better options will be viable.”

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