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Stuart’s book is toast

Splimple boss turns witty writing skills into a longer humorous read


PLIMPLE’S Stuart Caldwell has turned the skills he’s honed writing witty greetings over the past 20 years into something that will take a bit longer to read – his first novel, Fart And Toast.

As the title suggests, it’s a humorous read and will appeal to many who’ve enjoyed Splimple’s distinctive wit in greetings card ranges such as Wordies.
Set in Stratford on Avon in 1995, the book centres around a baker named Bob Spratt who collects belly button fluff, puts on fourth-rate entertainment at an elderly care home and is the long-suffering husband of OCD-denying Muriel.
When Bob agrees to become a doppelganger for a depressed rock legend who’s broken his penis, he changes the course of his life – and triggers a series of events that could send shockwaves around the world. The only problem is, someone wants him dead!
The cover describes the tale as “thrillingly odd” and it’s available to buy on Amazon now, where the Kindle version will be released shortly. You can see the trailer for the 450-page book here. (

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