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Windles’ naked improvements

Trademarked Kard Klasp is an evolution in greetings card packaging

THE term naked cards has been recently launched on the greetings industry as a result of a focused and conscious decision to create a plastic-free, environmentally-friendly product.

Windles anticipated that a plastic-free packaging solution would be sought by the greetings card industry from the environmental drive demonstrated in the media.
Sales director Andrea Norcott said: “We started working on this solution 23 months ago when we proactively sought to evolve a concept which would allow publishers to display their card and envelope on the shelf minus a cello bag.
“There were a number of priority factors to consider in establishing our offering and this surrounded the total product offering.
“We aimed to ensure that our packaging allowed card and accompanying envelope to nest securely as a single product.
“Brand identity was paramount without the aesthetics of the card design being compromised when on display at retail. It was also essential for this to be a mechanical operation as there is a volume requirement and a need to maintain current packaging costs.
“All this has been successfully achieved through the Kard Klasp innovation. A paper-based peelable and recyclable label which sandwiches the card and envelope safely.
“The wraparound label presents an opportunity to maximise your brand at retail by bespoke printing the publishers’ company logo. This label has been strategically positioned on the card for prominence on display.
“Kard Klasp is a trademarked Windles’ packaging solution which not only enhances the product but fulfils the environmental credentials of a plastic-free offering.”

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